Need to Start Selling Online? Here’s How to Get It Right

This is a guest post by Beatriz Estay from BigCommerce. Selling offline is all good until you hit a roadblock. Maybe your business is impacted by an emergency or disaster.  Maybe all of your competitors are moving online. Or maybe your customers simply have a newfound preference for online shopping. Pairing your brick and mortarRead More

Money Management Tips That Can Help You Change Your Life

Contributed by Martha Davis Quality of our life is dependent on our financial stability and the way we carry ourselves with it. Life is unpredictable, where it can bring splendid joy, it can also confront us with tremendous sorrows. Things happen in a blink, and before you know it, you find yourself getting sucked in thisRead More

6 Security Measures That Protect Your Business

Contributed by Alyssa Callahan Most companies have experienced at least one instance of check theft, in which a bad actor washed a legitimate check and cashed it. Cases of check theft dipped in the early 2010s as companies and banks shored up their security. But according to the Association for Financial Professionals’ “Payments Fraud and ControlRead More

4 Ways to Optimize Staff Safety in Retail Environments

Contributed by Tom Brialey  As a fundamental contributor to the UK’s economy, there are over 3 million people employed in the retail industry. Due to the size and diversity of this sector, it’s essential that employers are aware of the health and safety requirements that should always be adhered to in this space. That’s why,Read More

6 Key Benefits That Are Offered By Unsecured Business Loans for Small to Medium Size Business

When starting or expanding your business, business capital is the foremost pre-requisite. For growing businesses to function smoothly, it’s essential to keep the money flowing with quick and efficient loans. Opting for a traditional bank loan is usually not quite helpful as banks usually demand collateral and usually follow a time-consuming regime to process suchRead More

How to Keep Employees From Scrolling Through Memes During Your Conference Calls

In a culture saturated with memes, it’s difficult to prevent employees from searching for the latest meme; even when they’re in an important conference call. When people get distracted or bored, they tend to reach for the smartphone or navigate to social media in their browsers, and from there, it’s quite difficult to regain theirRead More

How To Home From London Are Redefining Souvenirs in One of the World’s Most Visited Cities

Our latest Behind the Counter post features To Home From London – who are on a mission to redefine the perception of souvenirs. Founders Bianca Timotheo and Nacho Martinez are doing this with their original designs made in their studio in London. And they are doing a smashing job.  What started as a one-day-a weekRead More

Smart Mobile Solutions in Retail Leads to Blockbuster Black Friday Experiences for Customers

By Dipesh Hinduja, Mobile Solutions Architect at Stratix The modern brick-and-mortar retail experience for Black Friday is a tech-led one. Consumers are savvy about tracking deals online – and well in advance. They load up apps from their favorite retailers to guide them through their game plan of what stores to visit. Once they areRead More