Supplier Relationship Management: 10 Ways to Build Strong Bonds with Vendors

Building and maintaining great supplier relationships is a must if you want to stay competitive in retail. Having healthy relationships with these vendors helps ensure that your shelves are healthily stocked with great products that bring delight to your customers. In this post, we’ll be exploring how you can create and cultivate strong relationships withRead More

Share the Love: 10 Employee Appreciation Gifts to Give to Your Associates

This is a post by Alexandra Sheehan Managing retail staff is tough. You’ve got schedules, payroll, hiring, benefits — the whole gamut. And it’s a time-consuming part of your business, especially considering retail’s high turnover rates.  Turnover for assistant store managers in 2017 was 41%, and associates more than that. One survey run by KornRead More

How Millennials are Shaping the Future of Customer Service

Statistics indicate that millennials are willing to pay 21% more to conduct business with companies who excel at customer service. However, millennial expectations for customer support happen to be different from the generations before them. Contrary to phone or email support, data reveals that up to 63% of millennials begin their customer service interactions onlineRead More